About Us

Creating a future where fashion and sustainability can coexist.

Our aim is to impact the traditional footwear industry by offering an innovative approach to design and sustainability.

Our mission is to use innovative technology, bio-based materials, and circularity to create high quality footwear that is fashionable and sustainable.

BLKSWN® revitalizes local craftsmanship in Mississippi, fostering community involvement and developing
new shoemaking skills, while reshaping the domestic supply chain to produce high-quality footwear
that we can all be proud of.

BLKSWN® offers a new way to provide an age-old service. Combining classic hand-crafted shoe making techniques and the science-based expertise of Shloop, we leverage technology to streamline, rapidly iterate and provide close-to-market product to our customers.

Our process

BLKSWN® offers a new way to provide an age-old service, using a few of the classic hand-crafted shoe making techniques. With the help of Shloop, we leverage technology to streamline , close loop, rapidly iterate, and provide more custom, close-to-market creations.
At BLKSWN®, we’re not just making shoes – we’re building communities. Our locally manufactured footwear not only reduces our carbon footprint but also fosters collaborations with local artisans, embodying our commitment to both style and sustainable community growth.

We have developed both sculpted men’s and women’s specific lasts for our sneakers across 25 sizes.

At BLKSWN®, our shoes don’t just keep up with trends; they can help set them. By keeping our manufacturing process close to home, our hands move with our ideas to turn our designs into reality faster. Thanks to our lightning-fast prototyping, we’re turning imagination into iconic footwear in record time.

Our designs are presented as an anthem to our movement that challenges conventions and redefines footwear for a brighter future.

BLKSWN®’s innovative technologies redefine what’s possible when designing and making footwear. From 3DTI technologies, to BLOOM algae infused materials, our team is exploring the boundaries of how to re-think how shoes are made.

For those of you who like to plan ahead, looks like we have a lot in common. Go ahead and ask, “What happens after I’m done with the shoes?” We don’t stop once our shoes are on your feet. We know our mission wouldn’t be complete if you can’t do more with your shoes. Here’s our simple instructions: Wear them well—enough to collect a few stories for yourself; send them back to us—we’ll ensure they are recycled into new products.

Our Partners